Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am crazy busy at the salon right now, which is really good, it keeps me grounded. I am so excited about this trip, that I just lie in bed at night with wide-eyed expectation, unable to sleep. I think I am so filled with anticipation because I KNOW that I that GOD wants me there. He has shown me this over and over. I keep praying for "my appointments",for my revealations, what He wants to teach me about myself. I have no idea. This is my first trip to lead out so I am sure that I will be learning something about myself in that area. I am super stoked about my team...I can hear the excitement in their voices.So nice. I still have so much to do to get ready. I have very little time left...wooo hooo. I am so ready to blow this taco stand...wouldn't you be if you knew The Lord had cleared the way to get you there??


The Waters Family said...

YES I would be jumping up and down excited too! Can't wait for you to board the plane and be on your way! This is so wonderful!

ericka said...

Girl, I am so excited for you! I'm wide-eyed at this whole thing as well... amazing what the Lord has done to pave the way. Praying for you!

PS. I'm your Plan B driver if you need a ride! Andrea and I discussed, and I'm there if you need me.

Lisa Allen said...

it will be really late like around 11:00 p.m or so as of right now Andrea is on deck for that gig but it is good to know I have a plan B driver...did she tell you about taking Amanda home as well?

ericka said...

Lisa, yes I'm good to go! Whatever you need. I'm on call :)

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

I thought about calling you at 3am to see if you were still so excited you couldn't sleep. I was up. LOL.
I'm elated...beyond elated honey.

Penny said...

I am excited for you Lisa in the day time. I didn't lay awake excited but I am really excited from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Journal your trip. Praying for you and your team daily.
Love you,