Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lapband and Life update...

This will be really brief...

things are going well. I am losing weight! I went in and had fluid removed from my band, it was just too tight. Immediately I felt better, I can eat good quality foods and not fear being sick. So I am uping the protiens and lowering the carbs!
I am so thankful to see the scale moving again!! It was making me so depressed to not be able to eat and still not seeing any results...

I am down about 42-45 varies everyday, but my clothes sizes are the biggest change. I am down more than two full sizes. Yay!

Have a blessed day!
In Him

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lapband update...

Alright here is a little update...I called the Dr. and made an appointment for Tuesday to speak with the nutritionist and get another adjustment. I am hoping that they can help me get over this hump. I did notice that the scale started finally moving down in the last few days and honestly Ithink I still have some unrealistic losing lbs everyday. That that is just not possible.

I am excited about the next few months to come, I am already down 2 jean sizes and I can't wait to be....well Skinnier. !!

I will let you know what the Dr. and nutritionist say on Tuesday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lapband and Life Update week 11

Things have slowed down on the weight loss front, I am going to call the Dr. this coming week. It is so confusing. I am eating around 1200 calories or less and I am working out. Well, I am walking about 2 miles in the evening. I am moving. But I think that my body is freaking out and trying to hang onto whatever I eat just for survival....I am eating a little bit more protien now, I can eat juicy chicken, less than 2 oz. and some refried beans with onions. That seems to be pretty easy for me to get down. I HAVE to start eating more veggies!! I do eat spinach with my eggs in the morning, but it is not much. I need fruits too, but I just haven't ventured there much. I did eat some apple fries the other day and that went ok. I should try that more....
I have not gotten sick any more but I also stopped drinking water when I eat. That made all the difference.
Heres the deal. There is no way I could get in enough calories to function if I did not wash a little bit through the band. I eat two bites and I feel obstructed. I wash that through and try to eat two more little bites. Anybody else have an idea on how to get the calories without eating very much?Protien shakes just go right through the band and offer no sustaining "fullness". By the afternoon I have NO energy!! Like I said before I am calling the doctors this week...

Much love yall

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lapband Update week 8!!

Well , since my last adjustment, where I was ratcheted down to teeny tiny. I can not eat much. I can eat refried beans with onions, I can eat guacamole and chips, a very small amount. I can eat vienna sausages because they are mushy. I can eat fat free chicken salad on a cracker.
I have to drink when I eat anything of substance just to get it down.

I went out after church with my besties to a local hangout and we ordered cheese fries. I tried to eat two tiny little bites and wash it down with water. I felt like I was drowning and had to excuse myself . It was the worst yet. I did not like that. So I will be sticking with the refried beans. I have found that Taco Cabana makes their beans in store, and it comes in a 8 oz cup and they will add onions and cheese.
I have got to start eating more calories because I feel my energy level going way down, especially in the afternoon.

Don't get me wrong I still think this is the best decision I have ever made in regards to my health and weight loss. I think it is still an adjustment. I do not miss food as much as I thought that I would. If I see something that I want, I look at it and I just know " I will NEVER be able to eat that...if I even try it will be painful!" I just walk away. It is the restriction that I need!! I could never before look at something and "think" was, See it , Buy it, eat it, then feel guilty about it later...Now I do not have that option. Thank God for my Lapband!

I am down about 33 lbs and several sizes. Yesssss!
In Him

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lapband and Life update...

Things are going pretty well, I will update the Lapband info first...

I went into the Dr. to have my second adjustment. I went to my surgeons office this time instead of the aftercare place that I went to last time...I was still a little freaked by having to sign that paper.
I told my doctor that I wanted a "good" fill, that I just did not feel that the last time I had gotten enough fluid. I had not lost one pound! I am still down around 30 lbs but most of that was from the pre-op diet! So he filled it up! He added another 2 1/2 ccs of saline to my existing 2.6-3 ccs. I had to sit in the lobby and sip water. I tried to swallow and could not! So he had to go back in and take out 1/2 cc.

That was eye opening. I am really hoping to start losing more weight now that I KNOW I am restricted!! So protein shakes and liquids for today and soft foods for 3 days.

Life is going very well, business is great. My weekend was incredible, I love traveling with my BFF. She is fun and rarely bitchy at all. LOL! Seriously, we mesh well. Soul mates...
I updated everything on Facebook so I feel it is redundant to update everything here.
Coco is still Coco, she is just about completely deaf. She just hangs out in the AC all day. What a life! She is loved!!

Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 14, 2009

LapBand Adventures update..

Well It has been a few days longer than a month since I have been banded, and almost 2 weeks since I had my first has been an adjustment that is for sure...

I am down almost 30 lbs and I am really starting to notice it myself. My friends/clients and coworkers all have noticed right away, but it takes longer for someone to notice it in themselves.

I have learned to eat slower as to not get sick or have pain. That was a hard lesson to learn but I am a quick learner! I bought an order of the three little sausage biscuit dippers from Sonic. I had 2 little bites and I felt that pain, that stuck feeling. I was in PAIN! I eventually got sick and refused to eat for the rest of the day. I will not eat bread again. Ewww.

I have been eating lots of protein. Very little sugar and almost no carbs. Some fruit, fish, spinach, different veggies.

I have had several people message me about my daily diet plan. So here is an example of a meal plan for a day: ( this is just an example that works for me )

Wake up and drink a bottle or two of water. Take my liquid vitamins..I take Centrum Liquid.

Breakfast: Two soft scrambled eggs, one Dannon Light & Fit Diabetic Friendly ( I am not a diabetic but it keeps the sugars low) Vanilla Yogurt, 3g carb, NO ADDED SUGAR, 45 calories!!! Yummy.

Before Lunch I drink half a container( save half for the next day) of Odwalla Pure Pressed Carrot Juice. ( gotta get those veggies in some where!) and more water.

Lunch: I have a piece of barbeque baked chicken, I like the thigh pieces they seem to be not so dry, I eat slow and wait in between bites. If I am still a little hungry I eat a peach and a Weight Watchers slice of cheese.

water.water.water. In the afternoon all I do is drink water.

Dinner: I have a small piece of fish on spinach, with onions and avacado and tomato with a little vinegrette dressing. Everything is in small quantities but it makes a nice size salad. I have to chew everything really well and eat slowly. I always leave the dressing on the side so I can save the salad for the next day if I start to feel full.

Dessert in the evening...I have another yogurt with some Cool Whip on top or a fudge pop from the freezer.

I do not ever feel hungry and so far I don't feel deprived of anything...Praise His Name!!

More updates to come...Congratulations to all you new Banders out there. It is an amazing tool to help you get to where you want to be! If you have any questions (not that I have the answer, but I can tell you anything you want to know about me) feel free to message me on Facebook or leave a comment on here...much love.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lapband update almost 1 month...

Yesterday I went in for my first adjustment (fill). This is where they access the port and inject a tiny bit of saline into the band to tighten it around your stomach to make it feel fuller longer...
So I went in because I was eating just about anything that I wanted but trying to opt for the more healthy foods, I just felt I was eating too much of it.

I get there and this dude takes me back, he is totally enamored by my tats. I am chatting with him about my tattooist and just making small talk. He hands me a stapled piece of paper to sign, an ackowledgment of facts paper. It states among other things that I could POTENTIALLY be infected with a contaminated needle!
I was like whoa...hold up dude. What!
He said it happens or could happen if the person injecting me sticks themselves and THEN sticks me! I was like is that really an issue?? He said it could happen. I was shocked but I guess the same is true anywhere needles are involved. If I accidently stuck myself my first instinct, I think, would be to pull back, not push forward. I dunno. It freaked me out, so I watched my nurse or PA like a hawk. Come to think of it....I am not sure that I know what her qualifications are, she wore a white coat so my assumption was she has some medical background. However!!! I wore a white lab coat to take my test for my Cosmetology liscense...Oh God, I could have been injected by a hairdresser!
Oh well it is done now...
I am on liquids for two days and then graduate back to soft foods for two days, this time they gave me a list to choose from. Which is really nice.

I worked out today. Like my first real workout since being banded. I walked/ ran, did lunges and a side step thing that my old personal trainer had taught me to strengthen the thigh muscles. I did arm stuff and some jumping jacks.All for about 45 minutes. Then just about passed out....whew. I will do it again tomorrow morning from the school track down from my house. It will be cooler earlier anyway....
I love my Ipod but I would love to know how to keep the headphones in my ear while running. I love to listen to music while I run, they always fall out. Anybody know?? Special running headphones?

Everything seems to be going fine with my adjustment so far. I will update soon. No more weightloss to report. I was attacked by chocolate this past week. Cycle time...after this is over I will weigh again. I just got to keep moving!!
Thanks for praying and supporting are loved!!