Monday, November 26, 2007

Frustrated singleness

Ok, So I spent all of last night breaking up with a man I never met. He seemed so perfect on the internet that I gave him my number and he blew my phone up. Meaning, he called way too much, overused the word beautiful and gorgeous, texted exactly 27 times in one night and needless to say it's over before it got started.

I'm frustrated.

Where is my dating pool? Where are the men that I can date? for me? I want someone that is semi intelligent, a man that loves Jesus, have their tattoos spelled correctly, eyes and teeth straight, no baby momma drama, no fixer uppers, no people with 65K worth of credit card debt...basically, I'm not asking for something that is unrealistic but holy crap!?!

Give me something to choose from? or please direct me to the nearest dating pool for me. Please? Lord, help?!!


The Waters Family said...

Oh girl! So sorry things didn't pan out with the internet guy-- I'd have to say that maybe you're dating pool is at church???? I don't know-- I'm so far removed from dating yet I have a whole other frustration--"Frustrated Marriedness"!! The Lord has a plan for you-- You ARE a beautiful and faithful daughter of God and He will guide you. Sorry you are frustrated.

Ericka O'Malley said...

Oh Lisa.... you sent him your last photoshoot pics didn't you? Of course he's been bugging you!

Now, I of course have nothing to contribute on the dating front, but I can confirm that you look gorgeous and that might be a problem :)

Lisa Allen said...

ok Deb..I am at the wrong church for dating...out of my age range..either way to young or way to old...And E. yes I did use that as my profile maybe that is why he went crazy, but I don't think my looks have that much to do with that...I am pretty sure he was already nuts.