Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have a boo boo. See pictures below. See Andrea's blog for the major details.

Please blog family,....say a prayer for quick healing.


Ericka O'Malley said...

Ugh, this is so upsetting... i just read Andrea's post... girl looks so painful.

Praying for you!

Please please please let me know if/what I can do to help you... I'm glad Nurse Aner is w/ you. I'm in LA now, back on Thursday.

Love you!

Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

hey girl!
so sorry about your leg. we will be praying for you and quick healing.

The Waters Family said...

Oh Lisa-- so sorry this has happened to you-- Praying for recovery-- BIG HUGS- Deb

Lisa Allen said...

I appreciate all the prayers guys...I have not had the bleeding and yuckieness that we thought I would have...I attribute this to prayer. Thank you all so much for everything.

The Waters Family said...

Hey Lisa-- just checking in on you! Hope you're doctor's appt goes fine.
Hugs, Deb