Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stetson 11/4/97- 3/14/09

Rest in peace mamas baby boy. I will post pictures later. I found some really cute ones from when he was a puppy and some when he was a teenager pup. He was so cute and loveable. I really want to post those...I need to scan them.

I made the decision today to put him down. He couldn't walk very far and last night was he was having trouble breathing. The vet confirmed my decision and it all went fairly smoothly.

He loved going for a ride in the car, so we drove around for a while before the appt. He had cheese burgers and he got to feel the breeze in his face, one last time. People in passing cars oohed and ahhed, pointed, smiled and waved at him as they always had, he loved the attention. I was glad in wasn't raining so he could have a little glory one more time.

The vets office was so sweet and compassionate. I pulled up and they had black wreaths on the doors, indicating that they would be in mourning too.

When it came time to put him down, I was able to communicate with him and like out of some movie somewhere he licked my face, one last time. As if to say " I know mama it is alright"... I told him to go sit by Jesus and save me a spot...and just like that he was gone.

I am thankful to have had such a faithful friend all these years and even more thankful to have been there to make sure his last moments were peaceful.

He died at 3:00 pm and he had his mama and his baby ( his favorite stuffed animal) at his side. I will forever love that dog, and he will forever be missed!



Ericka O'Malley said...

So so hard. You were a good Stetson Mama. He was the biggest sweet mess ever. He and that baby. You gave him a very good long life. He will be so missed!

Anonymous said...

Lisa your words were so strong. I can't stop tearing up. No words can ever express the hurt when you loose a doggie.. I know this. He's bragging to Jesus about you right now telling Him what a good Momma you are.God bless you sister, I know it's hard but know this you are a good doggie momma and we all love you.

The Waters Family said...

I have silent tears bursting as I read down this post and learned the details of the day-- So sorry for your loss Lisa-- What a great companion he has been to you and you to him! I know you will see him again! :)

Deborah said...

So sorry to hear about Stetson. Your post just made me cry!!

I am glad you were able to be with him and that his last moments were good memories with his mama. He went to sleep without pain, and knowing without a doubt he was loved.

God Bless you, and I am praying for you.

May peace surround you in your time of loss.

Penny said...

Love you and I know you will have some hard days ahead missing him. But you did the right thing for him and it took so much courage for you to make this a peaceful departure for Stetson.

Andrea "The H family" said...

You made me cry telling me verbally honey. Stetson was one of a kind and I know how much you loved hims sweet boy.

Love you pumpkin---I hope you sleep well. See you tomorrow,

chandlerdillymama08 said...

So sorry for your loss.

she she said...

I'm crying just hearing what a sweet boy he was.
You are a selfless and courageous mama. You gifted him to Jesus.

Tracie Morgan said...

Hi Lisa, I just cried when reading this blog. How precious to have a beautiful memory of Stetson with his last day hanging out the car window and enjoying his cheese burger. Most of all that you were there and that his passing was so peaceful.

Much love for your heart! Hugs, Tracie

Krista said...

Dang it Lisa! I knew there was a reason I avoided reading your post! Now I'm crying and I've known about this since it happened! I'm so sorry. I hope you are feeling better today. My heart goes out to you! Little Stetson is happy next to Jesus! AMEN!

Penny said...

Good to see you today at your DRIVE BY. Next time stay longer. Buddy is enjoying his Treats.

Mistibeth said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Lisa, I know that has to be very difficult. Much love!

Tigpan said...

Lisa, So glad this sweet man had a chance to have a sweet mama like you! Love you friend.

shanna said...

weeping in mexico for your loss. i miss my pups back home and can't imagine what you are feeling. praying for you :(