Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad weather+busy week = anxiety!!

I am booked up this week at the salon and the weather guys on every channel have been squawking about thunderstorms all week...that makes me so anxious, because my poor Zeusie is so scared of storms. Usually I would just move my sweet clients around as best as I could but this week I have no where to put anybody. Girrrr.

I am still in love with my new appliance. It is so nice.

It is my birthday week and I am excited to get to hear from people and possibly hang out and/or go to dinner with friends this week.

I am going to the prayer service on Wed. night if I get out of work on time. It was supposed to be my first time to my new home group but I guess we are going to meet at the church for the service. I can;t wait to be reconnected.

I just heard that school is going to resume in some places on Thursday. I need to reschedule some of my teachers that I have booked for the middle of the day...have a blessed day! L.

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The Waters Family said...

So sorry for Zeusie and all the dang storms that keep coming and coming! Glad you get to begin a new group at church tonight!

and hope your Birthday week is S U P E R!!!!!