Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weight Loss Update

I lost another 1.2 lbs this week to add to my 5.4lbs loss from last week, so my total is a loss of 6.6 lbs in two weeks...I have to admit this week was alot harder because I did not plan as well and I went out to eat a few times and didn't make the best to have a loss was really shocking. I am so thankful for you prayers and support,I couldn't do this without it!!L.


Penny said...

You are doing so good. Just start again with the next meal when you get off track. Stay focused and plan ahead when you are going out. Do you have the Dining Out Booklet. Worth getting it. I keep it in my car. Love ya !!!

ericka said...

Awesome girl! You're doing great (PS, I like your ticker better than Andrea's)... keep it up Lisa!

Lisa Allen said...

I do have the dining out booklet P, man that thing is so helpful!! Good advice too, I appreciate that. Thanks E. I am really getting excited about it. My little goal is to lose 30 total before Asia in October.