Friday, August 14, 2009

LapBand Adventures update..

Well It has been a few days longer than a month since I have been banded, and almost 2 weeks since I had my first has been an adjustment that is for sure...

I am down almost 30 lbs and I am really starting to notice it myself. My friends/clients and coworkers all have noticed right away, but it takes longer for someone to notice it in themselves.

I have learned to eat slower as to not get sick or have pain. That was a hard lesson to learn but I am a quick learner! I bought an order of the three little sausage biscuit dippers from Sonic. I had 2 little bites and I felt that pain, that stuck feeling. I was in PAIN! I eventually got sick and refused to eat for the rest of the day. I will not eat bread again. Ewww.

I have been eating lots of protein. Very little sugar and almost no carbs. Some fruit, fish, spinach, different veggies.

I have had several people message me about my daily diet plan. So here is an example of a meal plan for a day: ( this is just an example that works for me )

Wake up and drink a bottle or two of water. Take my liquid vitamins..I take Centrum Liquid.

Breakfast: Two soft scrambled eggs, one Dannon Light & Fit Diabetic Friendly ( I am not a diabetic but it keeps the sugars low) Vanilla Yogurt, 3g carb, NO ADDED SUGAR, 45 calories!!! Yummy.

Before Lunch I drink half a container( save half for the next day) of Odwalla Pure Pressed Carrot Juice. ( gotta get those veggies in some where!) and more water.

Lunch: I have a piece of barbeque baked chicken, I like the thigh pieces they seem to be not so dry, I eat slow and wait in between bites. If I am still a little hungry I eat a peach and a Weight Watchers slice of cheese.

water.water.water. In the afternoon all I do is drink water.

Dinner: I have a small piece of fish on spinach, with onions and avacado and tomato with a little vinegrette dressing. Everything is in small quantities but it makes a nice size salad. I have to chew everything really well and eat slowly. I always leave the dressing on the side so I can save the salad for the next day if I start to feel full.

Dessert in the evening...I have another yogurt with some Cool Whip on top or a fudge pop from the freezer.

I do not ever feel hungry and so far I don't feel deprived of anything...Praise His Name!!

More updates to come...Congratulations to all you new Banders out there. It is an amazing tool to help you get to where you want to be! If you have any questions (not that I have the answer, but I can tell you anything you want to know about me) feel free to message me on Facebook or leave a comment on here...much love.


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The Waters Family said...

30 pounds lighter! SO WONDERFUL LISA! great update