Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sorry no update...yet

I was super busy at the salon today and not able to go to the meeting, I will be going to the 5:15pm weigh in tomorrow nite. I have plans tomorrow nite so I will update asap. I have been doing pretty good and the bad thing is that my pants are getting too is good thing I know, but...I like those pants. I am hoping to have a good loss this week as I only lost 2oz last week. I will continue to be really busy at the salon thru the end of the week, which is really great as things had been a little slow...I can't wait to update the ticker... good or bad tomorrow is the day...da da duhmmmm.


The Waters Family said...

LOL drumroll until then.... LOL Thanks for your encouragement. I so appreciate prayer for willpower in this very very long quest to lose weight--- I really wanted a bagel yesterday and even though I have 35 points a week I just wanted to resist. The problem is that I have all this food that is off limits in my house but of course-- it's okay for my hubby and kids to eat that stuff. It's been a challenging week thus far. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE UPDATE!!

Lisa Allen said...

I know how temptation "eats" at you, but here is something that really helped me..."if your body is busy burning junkfood and sugar, it can't be busy burning fat" I want to burn the fat,I know you do too.I am glad you have refused the bagel.Maybe a bowl of Post shredded wheat with ff milk and a few packets of Splenda, it is pretty good and filling and it gives you the feeling like you ate something sweet, same for a little bowl of cherries.

The Waters Family said...

Yes the Shredded Wheat has been a great "filler"--Helps with the craving of other carbs for me!!