Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Evening update..Feb.19 one word...PAINFUL!!!!


Ericka O'Malley said...

Lisa I'm completely addicted to your video updates. I thoroughly enjoy them, maybe even more than the videos of a mutual unmentionable friend of ours who might get jealous.

Ok, first... you look so pretty in your video. Your eyes look beautiful. Seriously no joke.

Second, please tell me you are still wrapping that! Seriously, WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN it would have done this? I've learned so much about what happens in a dog bite wound. Not just a puncture, um like looks like a bomb went off in your leg??

On a side note, I sprained my ankle today. Just a little one, but I think it's a sympathy sprain for you.

This is a long comment.

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

I can't compete with Ericka's lengthy comment.
I have to agree with you --It does look like Africa. Girl...I have to say when I click on your blogs....I make this 'oh God..here it comes' face. Truly I do.
This is just worse than the first video. It's hideous.
I must say that I focused on your mouth the entire video. You pursed your lips when you talked and it cracked up. Also...love the panoramic view of your living area on route to your wound. So funny!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

This is just bonified hideous.
Seriously girl.

Lisa Allen said...

Ok first of all...Ericka! How did you spain your ankle?? I am so sorry, I think that hurts worse than my Ebola and yes it stay completely wrapped all the time ...Second Andrea..I noticed my lips too but I shot that thing a million times and I just figured that I would never completely like any of them...dude seriously though...that was so freaking painful...but hopefully now it will keep infection down..

The Waters Family said...

yikes-- Now I am so wanting to "hear" you talking on the video but my computer setup is such that I can only hear things played thru Windows Media Player-- So it sucks-- I can see that it appears you are soaking it-- Epson Salts?? Well, I need to get my computer speakers fixed somehow so I can be in the KNOW! :)

Ericka O'Malley said...

Well I guess it's not actually sprained, feels pretty good today. I rolled it just walking, I stepped off the inside of my shoe and it popped or something.

But feels good today. You're still the ankle drama queen!

Lisa Allen said...

ok as long as that is clear...we are good..L.