Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hydrofera Blue wound treatment day 4

Hydrofera Blue Day 4 (Progress! Whoo Hoo!)
I'm glad to say, I have less pain today and I see definate changes in the rolled edges!


Ericka O'Malley said...

Lisa it DOES look better! Looks like new skin!

I'm loving this blue thing, keep the updates coming. You're doing great staying on top of it!

Krista said...

If you ever wanted to talk someone out of getting a dog, just show them a couple of these pictures! It really does look better and the blue thing is pretty cool. You are very blessed to have such great "connections". Guess it's not what you know, it's who you know - good thing I know you! (Just trying to be funny) Take care! Praying for your recovery! Scary stuff.

Lisa Allen said...

Hey Krista...it is this bloggie world that has brought some of these connections, crazy I know!...I would never dream of talking someone out of a dog..I love them all I just had a really bad experience...thats all. Thanks for Praying!! L.

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

WHOA!! WOW!! This stuff is amazing. I can totally tell! Have you considered being a wound specialist on the side honey? Your doing a great job babe.
I'm loving the new roll of skin coming in. I have to say, I'm still repulsed.
We seriously need to video another angle when this heals!! Love you!

The Waters Family said...

I can't wait for DAY 5 and 6 updates! it looks better! funny- the shape of your blue bandage does look like "Africa"! LOL