Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update ..Thurs. 22nd

Ok everyone here is the latest...Hayley from my homegroup called a friend of hers in Lubbock and told her about my situation. Sweet Arja ( pronounced Eye-a) is in the wound care business. Arja took a look at my blog and said she was concerned...Well if she was concerned so was I. She said that my current course of treatment was not going to be effective, and could potentially lead to the loss of my foot..."I am listening"... Even Dr. Patel and Amy said I needed some wound care...they were right! I am now on a new course of treatment...basically instead of keeping it dry and wrapped , I have to keep it moist and wrapped ( eww I hate the word moist...except when describing cake) keeping it this way will prevent another scab or as Ericka calls it black mulch from forming and hopefully allow fresh new skin to form. So I ordered this stuff called Hydrofera Blue ( not sold in stores but supposedly like the best stuff for wounds) I Googled it and found a place in Alabama that would ship it to me overnight express...this stuff is uber expensive but I will try anything that will save the foot, and it came recommended by a wound care specialist. I then called Elaine Caudle, who I had no idea is in the wound care business herself...she agreed with Arja and gave me a few other tips that would help me along in this process... I really just want to take a moment to beg for prayer on this...I only have a few more days on oral antibiotics. I have been on them for almost a month and as soon I was done with the last round...boom ...infection. Please pray for healing, no infection, just pray that it closes up. I was more comfortable with the black mulch on there, but now it is more like a open hole in my leg. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and hopefully pray for me and my leggie. In Him Lisa


Ericka O'Malley said...

Wow, well I have to agree the open hole looked pretty alarming, so I'm glad you are getting some good suggestions. This whole thing is just such a long process. Yes, will definitely pray, I didn't realize you got the infection after getting off antibiotics.

Just small clarification, the black mulch comment was actually Andrea's first, I stole it :). I liked it better than rotten banana.

Love you, praying for healing. Praying for this Hydrofera Blue!

Jenna Consolo said...

Lisa, you've been on my mind night and day. You are one brave cookie. Keep the faith, and we will keep praying for your healing.

Lisa Allen said...

Thank you Jenna...this has all been a crazy process for sure! Thanks for praying, I need all I can get.