Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update on Healing

Ok so I went to see the best Doc. in the world yesterday...Dr. Patel ..and he said that it actually looks better in person than in the pictures and that is was looking good, still no infection but he is keeping me on antibiotics and pain meds. So far so good, we just keep looking for signs of infection and try to get the black stuff to fall off on its own, this will allow new skin to generate underneath it. Here is my plan...starting today I am going to get back to work ( on a limited basis) I will build back up slowly...don't worry first signs of regression I will lay off, I promise! Keep praying for healing and no infection though.

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Ericka O'Malley said...

OKKK??? Back to work? Today?? I bet you are going stir crazy. I would be, so I can't blame you for wanting to just get back to your life.

I feel better knowing you saw Dr. Patel.

Love you.