Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Penny, Stetson LOVES his CHICKEN

Stetson loves his babies but he really loves this chicken that Penny gave him for Christmas!Thank you Penny!


Ericka O'Malley said...


AWWW, he looks a little embarrassed of his momma putting him on TV.

Love his chicken! What about his baby???

Lisa Allen said...

Oh he loves the Baby too, today is just Chicken appreciation day apparently.

Ericka O'Malley said...

I'm actually very relieved you put this video of Stetson at the top to push down the grotesqueness of the 2 videos below.

I love the way you talk to your dogs :)

Lisa Allen said...

That is exactly why I did are so smart!

The Waters Family said...

Stetson is so handsome!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

I can't see??!!!!
It's says this video is not available??!!!!

Ericka O'Malley said...

I can see it nanny nanny boo boo.

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Very funny E! I can see it now!
I'm loving your video presentations. And Stetson seemed so energetic in his video debut.
SO CUTE! Stetson and those dang baby/chickens.

Penny said...

Cute Video of Big Dog. People this dog is BIG.